Supplement Suggestions

I have Tried many supplement Brands over the years. I choose redcon1. 

Why I chose this company?      

  1: DAILY SALES, this company is super affordable. LIKE SERIOUSLY! I can’t even believe people buy 130-dollar proteins, just to SHIT OUT!  

  2: ANIMAL BASED PROTEINS! * if you're like me WHEY protein doesn’t agree with my stomach*  

  3: REAL WHOLE FOODS! Ingredients are YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS GOOD! Hello look at my abs!  

  4: Even my husband loves the brand. If Ya knew my husband this is HUGE!!!! His fav is the MRE BARS!  They are like CANDY BARS  

You can use code T20CKropa for 20% OFF 

Feel Free to email me for supplement suggestions. 
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