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Do you have a LOVE AFFAIR with Gym Fits?

As a Fitness Professional I have been wearing this type of clothing for years. In the past few years, athletic wear has crossed over from the gym to the streets.

Creating the perfect combination of fashion and function has become a trend people are becoming increasingly devoted to. Despite a pandemic, athletics sales will reach 83 billion in 2020. Facts are facts!

So I am an fitness professional who is also crazy about athletic wear, which is fastest-growing trend in history. hummmmm? Is this you as well? Keep reading if so.

Step aside MEN! We are about to blow you the FUCK UP with our Feminine energy. We are on FIRE with showing you just how strong yet Sexy, we are! 

Let me introduce you to SAVVI! The Savvi line is a brand spankin' new lifestyle brand. I founded this company with a few amazing business Partners.

I have spent the past year and half building a core line so that you can choose the best of the best. To bring awareness of this brand, we are looking for affiliates. 

You'll enjoy the opportunity to wear what you love and share it with your friends all while earning some additional income. 

Join a community of women who Empower Each other and have tons of FUN!

We are...

“Empowering Women to get moving, feel good about themselves, look amazing and have

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