Cristy Kropa

The #1 illuminated Warrior

I am Cristy, and I live in Pennsylvania with my husband and two children. I am a huge fitness enthusiast who loves activewear fashion and living in the moment.

My whole life has been dedicated to Strength Training, and overall body transformations. It has been my own experiences which have taught me everything I know about resistance training and Entrepreneurship. 

Dear Wonder Woman

Is Brand Ambassador life for you?

Although I do love to educate women on hypertrophy growth and ditching the cardio. My heart lies in helping Wellness Entrepreneurs create multiple streams of income in everything they do.

What I want most of all is for you to stop working for others, and begin working for yourself! You must be curious about how a Badass Warrior Fitness woman like myself earns money working out and taking selfies in cute activewear.

Monthly Coaching 

Online coaching is something I offer monthly. You can reach me by email for the full details. Only a few spots are available
I am a full detail Strength and Transformation coach. No cookie cutter programs.

Clients must be coachable and will follow my lead entirely in order to work with me! 

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